Below are some frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered here, please contact us.

Can I play Radio over Airplay?

OneRadio currently doesn't directly support Airplay. However, if you'd really like to stream Radio via Airplay, here is a trick you can use: Hold the Option (Alt) key and click on the Volume icon in the menu bar, a menu will appear showing any available Airplay device. Select your Airplay device and all your sounds will play over Airplay.

Where are recordings saved to?

Your recordings are saved to your User directory at: ~/Music/OneRadio

In what format are the recordings saved?

All recordings are saved in mp3 format, indepent of the original stream format. Your recordings are saved with a filename that is a combination of a timestamp and the radio station's name. The location of the recordings is your User directory at: ~/Music/OneRadio

My stream is not playing or displays an error.

We're sorry to hear that. It could be anything from technical issues at the station to a glitch on our end. Radio stream urls often change, some stations disappear. Also, some radio stations only broadcast at certain times of the day.

Is Radio compatible with Retina screens?

Yes it is.